ramal astrology course

Ramal Astrology is an art that has come over ages and its study requires particular set of concentration skills and more importantly, a tutor who himself is accomplished in the art; else the pieces will literally fall apart. This form does not require the astrologer to have details about the past of the subject or need to study the palm prints to find insights of their life. All he needs is a pair of Ramal Dices forged with the apt composition of specific metals and the time of constructing it should be synced with the appropriate Nakshatra.

A practitioner of Ramal Shastra is called Ramal Astrologer or Ramal Shastri. A Ramal Astrologer must be comfortable with the symbolic language of Ramal, Acharya Anupam Jolly made this technique so easy. Before few years everyone had to make a ramal horoscope for every question, it was a time taking session but now these days with the blessing of Acharya Anupma Jolly anyone can answer within few seconds.

Experience the new dimension to the world of Astrology with Acharya Anupam Jolly ji and with his tutoring master the art of Ramal.

  • You will learn the history and present of Ramal Astrology.
  • You will learn about Dices.
  • You will learn that how to make a Ramal Horoscope chart with the help of Dices.
  • You will learn to figure out the answer of any question.
  • Final Predictions.
  • Time Calculation of any event.

It is a brief introduction of Ramal Course content but you will learn more than this.

You will get a beautifully designed course kit : A set of Charged Dices, RAMAL GYAN – Ek Anupam Khoj Book (Available in Hindi and English) and a RAMAL CHART which is very useful in making RAMAL KUNDALI, notebook and course study material.

To know more please contact:

International School of Astrology and Divine Sciences
“Ramashram”, 3/18, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur-302017 Rajasthan, INDIA
Contact numbers: +91-7023874099
E-mail: anupamjolly@gmail.com

Duration: 2 days

Course Fee

Indian Rupees :- Rs.12,000
US Dollar :- $190
British Pound:- £ 120