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India is a country which has ever always been pictured as the land of magicians and charmers of intense occult. Since old times, India has been at the bleeding edge of study and absorption of paranormal. Numerous occult and mysterious controls were initiated here and developed to achieve a definitive apex. In the meantime, India Imbibed mystery in all arrangements from diverse parts of the world yet tragically, much of this information vanished in the layers of time.

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Acharya Anupam Jolly

Acharya Anupam JollyWhen someone starts his journey of life with this awareness that where to go and what to achieve in life then this journey become “MEANING FULL”. This is not a philosophical quote this is my experience. I have born in a very simple family which has no background of Astrology even they weren’t good believers of it. I started my life with a thought: “I will live my life as a SPIRITUAL HUMAN SOUL”. I can’t harm anyone even cannot hurt. That’s why I couldn’t adjust with a normal relationship pattern, because everyone was running for earning money and other materialistic goals and I was not appropriate for all this. I did a job for a time being it was pretty difficult because I had to tell lie, I had to misguide to our clients and so many manipulations and I was compromising with my values and my soul was getting hurt. It was a very tough time and I was confused because earning money was necessary for the life. So I took a very strong decision and I left the job. I decide to do work as per my choice and I will live my life with my terms and conditions.

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